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The Therapist as "Person"

At Pono Roots we believe that it is necessary to acknowledge that individuals do not exist in isolation. We are all products of the systems and contexts in which we live, and our experiences shape who we are.  Each person, including our team of counselors and therapists, comes from a unique background, each has life experiences that reflect unique perspectives and values that shape who we are. The notion that every therapist should exist within the counseling room as a blank slate is problematic. Empirical research shows that client/therapist rapport is key to client success. Human comfort and trust is built when we develop healthy relationships of mutual respect.  


Our Pono Roots collective values its diversity. By collaborating as a team, we benefit by learning from each other, our experiences, and our reflections. Our efforts toward understanding allow us to embrace an expanding self-awareness; to observe stagnant attitudes, values, and feelings so we may recognize how and what factors affect us professionally and as people. Within this context, we work to maintain fluidity and flexibility, empathize and understand, and adapt to meet the needs of our clients. We believe that ignorant judgements are toxic and break down human connections.  We are united and dedicated to human justice, equity, and inclusion. Our doors are open to serve and affirm a diverse array of identities and experiences in a safe and validating way.


When we talk of the therapist as person we also understand that we live on an island, many of us know each other, and to Google is to human. While the focus of our sessions is you, we want to make sure your work with us is productive. If you find yourself wondering about our personal lives, we welcome your questions. Questions that have bearing on your work will be taken seriously. As your therapists we are fallible human beings, not experts. We love what we do so very much, and we sincerely aim to be the best therapists we can be to each of our clients. To be good therapists, we must first be good humans.


Thank you for giving us this opportunity to do good work.

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