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About Pono Roots

Doing the thing because it needs doing.

The Pono Roots Counseling Center is a group of therapists, parents, coaches and artists who believe in the power and ability of each person to strive and thrive. 


We've developed our center after years of experience, and with a clear knowledge of how we can best contribute to our wonderful community of Hawai'i. 

We are serious about helping, we are happy to be here.

About Pono Roots
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Our Story

In a way, Pono Roots was founded in 1975. Back then we were called

Hawai'i International Child Placement and Family Services, Inc.

We became A Family Tree in 2020 and Pono Roots grew from there. 

Working with individuals, children, and families for more than 40 years, we've gained insights into how people think and feel, what makes a family work, and how children thrive. 

We are confident we can help just about anyone who is open to the therapeutic process.

Childhood                           processing;

I'm depressed but               I'm not sure why;

Adoptive/foster families and children, we get you!

Trauma is not a unicorn, many people have experienced it;

Parenting takes work, no two children are the same;

Family of origin has an important impact on life;

Marginalized people need extra love;

Relationships can be hard;

Middle-life is tricky;





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