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Group Work

Group Therapy

Human beings are creatures of community and connection – much of our lives are inevitably and naturally spent in group environments. Whether through our families, schools, organized activities, or work, these are the precise environments in which we develop, grow, and flourish. 

Group therapy allows for that sense of community and connection we need and crave. It is a unique form of therapy in which a small number of people come together under the guidance of one or more professionally trained therapists. Group therapy creates space to support members working towards a common goal to come together to better understand what may be going on individually and learn from and with one another. This sense of understanding from others bestows a deep sense of connection and support that allows members to resolve the challenges they desire to overcome. Depending on the nature of what is holding you back, group therapy can be an ideal choice for addressing distress and making positive changes in your life. 


At Pono Roots, our therapists gently lead topics of discussion, providing a supportive examination of issues or problems affecting each member. We work to ensure that each member has equal time to contribute when they’re ready. Due to the nature of group therapy, we encourage each member to share and communicate openly and honestly. Because learning and empowerment are deeply intertwined within the interactions between group members, each group will have learning moments, to manage emotions, cope with stressors, defeat negative emotional states, and develop/ maintain healthy behaviors. 


At Pono Roots, we are committed to providing our clients with a safe and supportive environment where everyone can openly contribute. We ask all of our group members to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that the names and identities of the group members and the shared conversations and interactions among them remain confidential. We believe group therapy should be a rewarding experience that allows members to feel a sense of trust and community that leaves you wanting to keep coming back for more!


We offer group therapy for children, adolescents/teenagers, adults, and couples. Our groups are structured and specialize in the following areas;


  • Parenting

  • Marriage Tune Ups

  • PTSD/ Trauma

  • Single Parent

  • Youth Coping Skills

  • Youth Interpersonal/ Communication/ Social skills

  • Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence LGBTQIA+

  • Tolerance and stress management for youth

  • Anti-Bullying for youth

  • Divorce

  • Grief and loss

  • Expressive and creative arts

  • Life Skills Group Guest Speaker Presentations 

Group Work
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