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The most difficult job you will ever love


If you are here searching for support in your role as a parent, please read this part carefully:

You are a good person and you have helpful parenting instincts.

As with many important things in life, no one tells us ahead of time how gut-wrenching and soul-crushing the job of raising another human person can be. There are a million How To books but in fact, there is no easily digestible, one-size-fits-all manual. 

With all this in mind, we want to assure you that you are not alone, there are answers to be found, support to be enjoyed, and we welcome you to Pono Roots. 

Let's dig a little!


Parent Coaching

For parents who need some reassurance, to check themselves, to learn some tips, parent coaching with one of our experienced parent coaches should do the trick. 


Challenged Parents 

We offer specialized support for parents concerned about their children who present with behavioral challenges, school-related issues, neuro atypical, FASD, or other unique characteristics. 

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