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Parentig Support

Parenting Support

At Pono Roots we know this about parenting: It is likely the most soul-crushing and simultaneously euphoric endeavor we attempt as humans. 

In fact, Pono Roots was founded, by Kristine Altwies, (a mother), after she'd spent 30 years working with families in counseling, parent training, and adoption. 

Pono Roots was born as a result of Kristine's realization that too many parents have too many unanswered questions, lack the support they need, and too often feel bad about themselves in their role as parents.



"We carry around with us the idea that good parenting

should come as a natural instinct, and then we feel lousy

when we think we are making too many parenting mistakes.

We believe that everything our child does is a direct

reflection on how well or badly we are parenting.

We carry a very heavy burden, and rarely experience

a moment of peace from the moment we first meet our child,

until....well, often until never!"

The parenting support we offer at Pono Roots comes in many shapes and sizes, to meet the many shapes and sizes of our clients. 

If you are considering reaching out to us, if you are a parent struggling with whatever kind of concern you have, please know this:  You are good, and you care. Parenting is a brutally difficult task, but can be made so much easier with support and a little guidance.


We welcome you, and are glad you are reaching out to us. 

Pono Roots Parenting

Parent Child Interaction Therapy

In PCIT, parents are taught basic skills in recognizing their children's positive qualities, and coached in play time sessions to apply positive attention while ignoring negative behaviors. At Pono Roots we have PCIT trained therapists.

Waldorf Life

If Anthroposophy means something to you, you may struggle to find parenting empathy in traditional therapy. Our Waldorf-friendly parenting support will meet you there, in the mossy, silk-draped world of Rudolf Steiner.  

Marriage Tune Up

Marriages are harder with children. That's a fact as far as we're concerned. It's not unusual for married people to spend more energy on their parenting work than on their marriage. A healthy marriage can lead to better parenting.  Our Gottman-trained therapists can work with you to achieve better parenting and happier marriage. 

Simplified Parent Coaching

Life is hard and become increasingly complicated. With simplified parenting we help you streamline your parenting and your life. A bit. This parenting support technique provides straight forward tips and goals.

Support for Non Traditional Families

Before we even talk about this, we want to celebrate you and your non-traditional self! With that said, the society does not always behave itself, and you and your family may  be suffering as a result. In  these sessions we will identify your stressors, your strengths, your needs, and an action plan that will aim to provide relief.

Single Parenting

We bow down to you, single parent heroes. Whatever your concerns or questions about your child, your self, you ability to do this, we will work to find answers and solutions. Welcome! 

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