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Important Updates

Updated February 2023

Working with children

We look forward to working with your child. Due to the high demand for child treatment services, we have updated our guidelines. All parents are requested to acknowledge and work within this guidelines:

We work with children one on one, and will schedule monthly check-in sessions with parents. Parent sessions are scheduled as full 53 minute sessions. Due to therapist time constraints and ethical guidelines, we cannot talk with or meet with parents outside of scheduled sessions. 

While we love children, parents are advised to not bring any additional children to PRCC when dropping or picking up your child. We do not have waiting areas appropriate for children. 

Coming and going from PRCC

Please come on time and not much in advance of your session at PRCC. Note that therapists are in session, and will only answer the door right before your session time. If you arrive and no one answers the door, please be patient. We do not always have staff available to answer the door. 

Please be aware that clients are working hard in session, and having a calming therapy center is important. For this reason, we ask that you exercise awareness when coming and going in the center. Indoor voices and gentle footsteps are appreciated as noise travels extensively. 

Booking your sessions

Due to the high demand on mental health services, unless therapeutically contraindicated, we require clients to book and commit to four sessions at a time. We encourage you to find a time and day that works for you, and stick to that. We do our best to meet the needs of our clients, and find that alternating schedules can lead to missed appointments, or clients not being able to book consistently. 

Cancellation Reminder:

We gently remind you that we are having to turn away clients seeking services due to demand. For this reason, if you are booked for a session and do not show up or cancel less than 24 hours in advance, we will need to  charge you the full rate for that missed session. We thank you for your understanding.

Important Updates
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