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Martika Ybarra, MFT-I

Counselor - Supervised

Education: I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and am

currently pursuing a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology in Marriage and Family

Therapy at Chaminade University.

Experience: My journey in the world of counseling and therapy has been shaped by a diverse

background. While working as a child fitness instructor and child care provider I initially pursued

a degree in early child development to learn more about the crucial role that a child’s experience

plays in their development. Following my passion for fitness and child development, I

recognized that each child was part of a unique family system that shapes their minds and

bodies. Eager to learn more about the mind, I completed a degree in psychology that led me to

focus on counseling psychology with an emphasis on family systems. After completing my

undergraduate degree, I had the unique opportunity to work as an outreach crisis therapist for a

local non-profit and in social services, serving local youth, individuals and families. This allowed

me to gain experience in the mental health field and apply my knowledge first hand to those


Beliefs: I believe that the client is the true “expert” in their own life and am honored to be a

guide and provide mentorship through hardships or challenging times. Humor, authenticity and

genuine connection are an important part of my therapy process. My core beliefs are grounded

in the understanding that dynamics and interactions within a family or couple are central to

addressing and resolving issues effectively. I hold firm that given the right approach I am able to

help individuals find and develop skills that will help them adapt to life’s challenges.

Approach: In my practice, I value and respect diversity with an approach that provides a safe

and inclusive therapeutic space that honors the unique experiences and perspectives of each

individual and family. I strongly believe in building upon existing strengths and helping clients

recognize and utilize their own capabilities to overcome challenges. Collaboration is at the heart

of my approach, through working in partnership with clients to identify goals, develop strategies,

and foster positive change.

Clients: I enjoy working with children, teens, adults, and couples in a wide range of ages and

am LGBTQIA+ supportive.

Languages: I provide therapy services in English and can understand basic Spanish.

Fees: $25 per session. I do not accept insurance at this time.

Martika Ybarra, MFT-I
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