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Ann Kedl, BA

Parent Coach

Education:  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Minnesota. My most valued education and life work experience has largely been around working with children and families in a variety of settings, including public education, social services and founding an international NGO focused on orphan care and adoption.


Experience:  My early career was in public school special education, K-5; I am experienced both personally and professionally in advocating for children in the public education system. I spent a number of years working and living in Asia, supporting severely medically fragile children, developing a foster family program and helping to facilitate adoptive placements for special needs children. I am passionate about helping adoptive families better understand their children’s needs and uniqueness. I am the mother of two adult daughters, they to continue to provide me with valuable life lessons both as a woman and a parent.

Beliefs: I believe that we are all amazing creations that have intrinsic value and the cry of our hearts is love, belonging and acceptance. With that as a centering belief, I am aware that we all walk through this life with a different set of experiences, relationships and responses.  Through an understanding of these we will be better equipped to navigate our lives and develop empathy and understanding for others.  Healing is a holistic journey which can involve traditional therapies, nutritional and health related changes and exploring creativity as a valuable outlet.

Approach: I work from the idea that creativity is healing in any sense. Regardless of how one views the "soul", we can learn about ourselves, what makes us tick, and how we best function, through creative endeavors. We can also provide stress release through creative expression. Understanding that making art and being creative are different, I work to demystify creative options, and aim to make creativity more accessible to more people. You don't have to be good at art, to benefit from creative work or to allow creativity to play a role in your healing and resetting journey. My passion has always been fiber arts, primarily weaving. I enjoy introducing people to the healing nature of “creating” using your heart, hands and mind to express yourself through creations of color and texture.

Clients: Preteens, teens, adults. 

Fees: $75-$100 hour, sliding scale available.  I am sorry, I do not accept insurance. Group and fiber arts work fees vary and are posted along with sign up information. 


  • Adoption/Family of Origin

  • Eating Issues

  • Parenting

  • Other Issues 

Ann Kedl, BA
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