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Peeping Through a Leaf

Getting stuck
is human nature.

We all get stuck. Some of us are better at identifying it when it happens. Since you've come to Pono Roots, you are already on your way to starting your unstuck journey. 

                 Trust your inner Yes.

Getting Unstuck

You may have tried or may want to try to get unstuck on your own. Some people can do that. They think things through, they make a plan, they implement change. Not everyone can do that. Sometimes we get stuck for reasons we don't understand, because of things we think we cannot control,  or due to influences that lie far outside our everyday realm of thinking.

Seeking professional therapy can be a great first step in a healthy journey towards living your best life.

If you've never had therapy, if you are concerned about what to do say or what happens in therapy, please contact us. We can talk you through your important questions. We are here to help. Helping is each Pono Roots therapist enjoys doing more than just about anything. We love our work and can't do it without you.

If you feel stuck, or even if you are maybe not sure what you are feeling, be in touch. We love to help.

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